Yarnvent Day 24 – Decorating The Tree

I love looking at decorated trees during the holidays. Some of them are so spectacular you can’t help but look at them with a little bit of awe. Some of my favourite decorated trees are actually the ones that are outside. There are a few in town that I could think of that take my breath away. Since it is the last day of yarnvent calendar, I thought I would so something a little bigger than I have been so I wanted to decorate an entire tree. It took me most of the morning to make this yarnbomb so I hope it brings a smile to your face.



Yarnvent Day 6 – Oh Christmas Tree

I had some brown yarn, I had some green yarn, and I had some yellow beads. What to do? I know, knit a little Christmas tree. I strung the green yarn with yellow beads and then scattered them throughout the knitting to give the tree the appearance of having Christmas lights.