Yarnvent Day 23 – A Gift From Me To You

I finally got all my presents purchased, wrapped, and under the tree. Phew. I had this lovely little plushy present left over. So while I was out for dinner I left it for someone who might like it.



Yarnvent Day 22 – Have A Piece Of Candy

Who hasn’t had a piece of candy at Christmas? I mean honestly, it is everywhere. I love a good piece of hard candy, there is something so satisfying about it. I am also very satisfied with this piece of candy. You can enjoy it from your tree and not have to worry about anyone eating it.


Yarnvent Day 21 – Hang Your Stockings With Care

One of my favourite holiday traditions is hanging up stockings. I have always loved discovering what Santa left in my stocking the best on Christmas morning. It was full of fun little toys, good books, nice smelling bubble bath, etc. After stocking it was breakfast time then presents. Stockings have always been the best and I still think so. To honour that tradition I made this little stocking. It would be perfect to hold a gift card. Enjoy.

Yarnvent Day 20 – Charlie Brown Christmas

One of my favourite Christmas specials on tv has always been Peanuts Christmas special. The one where Charlie Brown picks out the small pathetic tree. Then at the end it is turned into something beautiful. I felt like I should do the same thing. So I knit up some Christmas ornaments and found a sad looking tree all by itself to hang them on. Mission accomplished I think.


Yarnvent Day 18 – Christmas Fish

Ok, now nobody get all uppity about how a fish is not really Christmassy and all that. I know that, but it is a really cute ornament. It is very appropriate for me actually because I fell in love with the pattern but it cost to much money for something I could make in an hour. So I never purchased it, however, one of my online pals knew I wanted it so she bought it for me. It was a gift, a Christmas gift. Therefore this fish is very Christmassy and appropriate. Please enjoy this Christmas fish. 😀


Yarnvent Day 17 – Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

I had a sample of some very nice dark green yarn and I had no idea what to do with it. Then lucky, I started doing yarnvent. I realized that it was perfect to make some mistletoe. It was quick and easy to make, and super fun to put into use. I put it at the very lovely gazebo that Dryden has as you enter downtown from the underpass. It just seemed like the perfect place to steal a sweet kiss from your main squeeze.

It totally works too. As you can see.