Confess Your Theft

Yarn bombs, tags or storms, however you know them, never usually last very long.  Some last a year, some don’t even last a day.  This is usually because someone removes them from where they are placed.  What happens to these little works of art is anyone’s guess.  The artist would love to know if you took their tag and what you did with it.  We love to know that our work is enjoyed because we enjoy making them.  So confess your theft of the little yarn tag and let us know you are enjoying it.


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3 responses to “Confess Your Theft

  1. Good day, Knitten Kitten! We really enjoyed finding one of your “bombs” today at work. We located your Day 6 Christmas tree outside our office, but decided to leave it there for other people to enjoy as well! 🙂 We also noticed your bumble bees last year across the street from TD Bank – what a lovely idea! Another one we’ve discovered is at the end of Houde Road in Oxdrift! What a way to spread some cheer! The world definitely needs more people like you! Keep bombing!

    ~Gals at Northwest Employment Works

  2. What did you leave at the end of Houde Rd??!!?? Was it in front of our old place? Wish there was a photo. Love hearing about all your knit works!
    – Mrs. G.

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