Knittin Kitten

My name is Knittin Kitten, and I run the yarnbombing group Pretty In Purls.  I have been knitting for close to twenty years but have only recently started “decorating” things.  My husband prefers to call it decorating rather bombing as he thinks bombing sounds to terrifying.  My current home base is Northwestern Ontario and I am always on the look out for some more rogue yarn artists to join the crew.  I have left a tags in Washington State, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. I hope to tag every province and maybe one day even some places in Europe.

2 responses to “Knittin Kitten

  1. Hi there;

    I saw Day 6, Oh Christmas tree in a tree downtown today, read the accompanying tag, looked you up on the net and enjoyed your site very much! I often wondered who was responsible for the sweater on the tree at the Museum, now I know. This is a fun thing that you are doing and sure gave me my smile for the day. If I am in the area of the Christmas tree and it is still there, I just may, with your permission, adopt it to my home.

    Thanks for such a neat thing to do around town!

    Marg Wallis, knitter, quilter and Dryden resident

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