International Yarnbomb Day

International Yarnbomb Day falls on the same day as Knit in Public Day. I find this very convenient because yarnbombs make great decorations for events.

Pretty In Purls and Knittin’ Kitten were very pleased to provide all the decoration for the local WWKIP event.

World Wide Knit In Public Day

It was wonderful to be a part of WWKIP day this year. It is the largest knitter run event in the world, and it all started in 2005. This year, I was able to attend an event, and it was a fantastic day. The weather was lovely, and the rain held off until after it was all over. Several knitters showed up, a spinning wheel made an appearance too.

One of the projects started, worked on, and finished was a roving blanket. It was made with PVC pipe and roving donated by the local sheep farm. It was fantastic and people really enjoyed it.