So I have started preparing for IYBD.  I had on my goggles, gloves and face mask with my yarn and scissors in one hand and my Ipod in the other as I head out to the garage my husband stops me and asks “What are you doing?” I reply “Sometimes dear the fiber art takes an industrial touch”.

I have completed a few hanging decorations for the special day.  I will give you a sneak peek.


IYBD Is Coming

So International Yarn Bomb Day (IYBD) is coming up on June 11th. It is also Knit in Public day for anyone who doesn’t want to do a yarn bomb. I had been racking my brain for a long time thinking of what I can do. I have done many small scale yarn bombs which are cute and I love them all. However; I wanted to do something a bit bigger and more dramatic for IYBD. I had done some scouting around town and the museum has this great tree out front by their sign that advertises their exhibits, it is on the main street of town too. It is perfect. I contacted them, thinking they might want to get on board with the idea, and not only did they get back to me with an answer they got back to me pretty much the same day (I sent an email at midnight and had a reply before lunch). The wonderful curator said she loved the idea and would like to talk to me more about it. Unfortunately for me, she is going on holiday so I won’t get to talk to her until she is back. I am super excited though, I have already started working on my project. I will certainly take pictures and post them once it is all finished.