I heart the loo

Ever had to really go so bad that you are so grateful to find a rest stop on a long road trip. Story of my life. So I decided to show my appreciation for this pit stop.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I made a whole bunch of hearts and heart garlands for Valentine’s Day. I tagged the library across from the old folks home and a local hairdresser so far. I will probably go out and finish off my stash of hearts tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures, and share the love.

Lamp in Distress

There are two lamps in a hotel parking lot that have been broken since at least the summer. I think it is sad, these lamps are classics, they got the nice globe cover on them but are now smashed. I decided that these lamps look like they are distressed, broken and filling with snow. Awwww. So I brought them a blanket to help warm them up.


Better to be prepared

So I decided to tag a tree in this park I drive by everyday. I circled it a few times today like a predator eying some prey. I took note of the six foot tall snow bank that would protect me from traffic on the busy street, so that is good. Knee deep snow in the park so no risk of anyone coming to use it, that is good. I picked up my bag of random stuff and decided that I had enough in there to do something.  I had to wade through the snow that was almost up to my waist at points, and I didn’t have any snow pants on, talk about not planning ahead. When I got to the tree, I found out I only had two pieces that were going to fit this tree, what a bummer, but I had waded through waist deep snow and was very cold so in for a penny in for a pound. I put the little belt on the tree and was a little disappointed in it but it was colourful.  Good enough.  I turn around to make the hike out of the park and what do I see? Four people watching me from the building across the park, which is a seniors activity center. Sigh, well I thought about the traffic but didn’t even consider the building behind me. Geez, what a day.  A pretty bad tag and an audience to boot.

Next time I will measure the tree before hand, be more prepared, and come at night.