Daring Dargonfly








Prepare yourself to see a lot of light and dark blue yarnbombs in the near future as I had two half skeins of each and used it up to make a few tags. This is one of them, a cute little dragonfly. I was at the grocery store buying a few things and I thought the cart return looked like a great spot to put him. There weren’t many people around, and those that were around were to busy loading the trunks of their cars to notice what I was doing. I was able to covertly place this, well as covert as one can be in -15 weather without gloves on. I tell you that safety pins are a pain in the rear when your fingers are numb, but I like to take a picture before placing my card on it, just looks better in the photo.

Antenna Spirals

I tried a crocheted antenna cozy.  I really liked how it looked but it was a huge pain in the rear to put it on the actual antenna.  It took a long time to wrap around, and then it had a kink in the middle.  I did not enjoy it.  As cool and funky as it looks I think I will be sticking with my cozies that I can just slip on really quickly.  I would make more of these spirals if I knew the owner of the car I was tagging, then it won’t matter so much if I get busted while applying the tag.

Handicap Pole Update

I had seen last week that my handicap tag on a large pole outside a church was scrunched up at the bottom of the pole.  I was unsure if it fell on its own (unlikely due to tight zip ties) or if someone had come by and pushed it to the bottom of the pole.  I thought that at least it had not been removed, and I would have to come by and fix it later.  I got busy with work and had to go out of town so I never got a chance to fix it.  I drove by it again today, about a week after I first spotted it needing maintenance, but someone had repaired it.


This made my day. I was so happy that someone, other than myself, actually noticed and took the time to help out my pole cover by putting it back in place.  The fact that someone cared enough about it made me feel just great.  Whoever helped out, thank you so much for your kindness I hope you enjoy the pole cover as much as I do.