This Is Handi

This was one of my first attempts at designing my own pattern.  I think it turned out rather well.  I had a marvelous blue and some white so I decided to make a handicap parking tag.  I found a great pole where I hope people will enjoy this pole cozy.


Let It Snow

Well we have had a very large snow fall over the past couple of days, and just like the song it showed no signs of stopping.  It has finally stopped long enough for the snow plows to be out on the main roads and I could go to the store.  On my way to the store I past Max the Moose, who is in the spirit of the season and wearing a red toque and red scarf.  However the lovely eagle bench beside Max had nothing to keep him warm.  I felt this was terrible sad, and I hate to see an animal suffer so I pulled over and started digging in my knitting bag until I found the perfect sized scarf.  I do hope this will keep him warm all winter long, and if someone takes it I hope it keeps them warm all winter long. So long as someone is staying warm that is all that matters.

Tree Sweater

Ever since reading the book Yarn Bombing, I have wanted to make the tree sweater that is in the book. So I did, and I think it turned out rather well. I actually made it many months ago but I wanted to wait until fall so there would not be any leaves on the trees.  I found a good little tree, all alone in the middle of a sidewalk, no bench beside it, no bus stop, no nothing, just  a tree in the middle of the concrete. It looked so lonely and cold that I decided it was the perfect tree to dress up in my cute little sweater.

The reason why I like this sweater so much is because it looks like the tree grew into it, leaving people who see it wondering how it got there.

This was also my first attempt at doing a cable pattern.  I finished about one quarter of the pattern and realized I was not doing it right at all, then I went back and re-read the pattern more carefully and figured out what I was doing wrong. It seems to have turned out rather nicely. I think I may even make another one in the future.