One of my goals for my yarn bombing is to spread nice messages of love, hope, and peace in total hippie style.  So I have knitted some designs and messages into my tags.  Here is a picture of the first one I put out.

Usually the practice of yarn bombing means going out at night so you don’t get caught by the general public or otherwise, but considering I do most of my sleeping at night I tend to bomb during the day, which does make the risk of getting caught go up dramatically.  Although, if you look as if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, most people won’t give you a second glance; however today someone did. Just as I was finished sewing it on and I was in the midst of taking pictures a woman and her two kids came up to me and asked “What is that?”  I told her it was knit graffiti and community art all rolled into one.  It is graffiti that you can remove without harming anything and it makes a concrete city look more cheery.  She said “I think this should be everywhere.”  I can’t help but agree with her.


Car Antenna

One of my first tags was a car antenna just like this, except orange.  I was out shopping and there was a truck off by itself looking mighty lonely so I put a cozy on the antenna.  It was a little short, but it was the only one I had with me at the time.

I love making antenna cozies because they are easy, they only take approx. one hour, and you can use up the little odds and ends you have left over from other projects.  The other nice thing is you don’t have to make them all the same size, some are long, some are short, and some in between.  Just shove some in your pocket, or purse, or whatever, and you can place them whenever you feel like no one is watching.


This was a super fun bombing because not only do I love to work with yarn, I love to scuba dive.  There are a couple of dive shops in Calgary but this is the one I go to, so I thought I would give them some free advertising.  These pole cozies are actually crocheted not knit.  I took a quick measurement to see how wide the poles were before I started then made each one in that size and sewed them up for a quick covering.  Two worked out beautifully, I just had to pull them down over the pole and they stayed, the other two were made from a different type of white yarn so they were to big so I had to quickly put in some stitches with my needle and extra yarn to keep it from falling down.  While I was doing that one of the girls came out of the shop carrying a tank for a customer and she said “What are you doing?” and I told her I was decorating the poles and it is called yarnbombing.  When she was finished with the customer she came back to admire the poles.  She said “Awesome now our poles will be nice and warm”.

I went back later the same week I placed the pole cozies and saw that they were no longer on the poles.  I went in to return my rented gear and there they were in the middle of the shop on display.  I suppose they didn’t want them to get stolen or wrecked being outside.  I was tickled pink that the shop not only enjoyed the cozies but wanted to protect them as well as put them on display.

Busy Bee

This little bee was fun and easy to make.  I made him out of some yellow and black I had lying around from other projects.  I was looking at my black and I didn’t have much left and I had no idea what I was going to do with it, there was barely enough to make a decent pom pom.  I was digging in my knitting bag a few days after that and came across some beautiful yellow, it was so bright and bold I knew I would have to “decorate” (as my husband calls it) something with it.  The black yarn was sitting on the table and I had seen a bee cat toy before so I thought why not give that a whirl.  I used my four double pointed needles and finished the little bee in about two hours while watching tv.  The nice thing too is that the black was so much thicker and heavier than the yellow I only had to use a tiny bit, so I probably have enough to do a couple more of these.

I really liked this bee, and I knew it had to be used for a tag because it is just so easy to hang on something as you are passing it.  All you have to do is reach out your hand and let go, you don’t even have to stop walking.  I also knew the exact place I wanted to use it.  There is a woman who drives me crazy, you can say she is the bee in my bonnet.  I can’t stand her, so I decided to pay a visit to her front yard, which is not far from my home base.  She has a beautiful garden, I will admit, so I thought even though I don’t like her I will give her the gift of my little bee.  I heard that she really liked it, but she thinks someone in her family made it for her, if she knew who really created this little guy, she would probably throw it in the garbage and say she always hated it.  That is ok, I can keep a secret.

Lumberjack Hat

I made this hat months ago, I found some patterns online for sport related hats and thought they were neat and I should give it a try.  I chose the basketball hat because I already had all the right colours for it.  My first attempt did not go so well and ended up more a large flat orange doily, which I will probably either rip apart or use as a rock cozy, than a hat.

My second attempt which is pictured above, it turned out much better.  I was doing a road trip through the states when we stopped for lunch.  There was a lumberjack wooden statue at the door who looked like he needed a little love.  I just so happened to have this nice cap in my purse so I sent in my fiance to get a table while I dressed him up a little.  I think he looks very dapper now.