International Yarnbomb Day

International Yarnbomb Day falls on the same day as Knit in Public Day. I find this very convenient because yarnbombs make great decorations for events.

Pretty In Purls and Knittin’ Kitten were very pleased to provide all the decoration for the local WWKIP event.

World Wide Knit In Public Day

It was wonderful to be a part of WWKIP day this year. It is the largest knitter run event in the world, and it all started in 2005. This year, I was able to attend an event, and it was a fantastic day. The weather was lovely, and the rain held off until after it was all over. Several knitters showed up, a spinning wheel made an appearance too.

One of the projects started, worked on, and finished was a roving blanket. It was made with PVC pipe and roving donated by the local sheep farm. It was fantastic and people really enjoyed it.






I haven’t put out anything or posted in awhile and for that I apologize. I know it seems like I have been slacking, but I promise I have been busy behind the scenes. I have been working on creating some decorations for Knit in Public Day on June 9th. There is going to be a celebration right in front of Dryden’s Town Hall, unless it is raining then it will be in the Library. Since this is an open to the public and free event I really want to create some decorations. Hopefully I can make something worthy. You should come on out on June 9th anytime between 10-4 to chat and knit or crochet. We would love to see lots of people there.


Yarnvent Day 24 – Decorating The Tree

I love looking at decorated trees during the holidays. Some of them are so spectacular you can’t help but look at them with a little bit of awe. Some of my favourite decorated trees are actually the ones that are outside. There are a few in town that I could think of that take my breath away. Since it is the last day of yarnvent calendar, I thought I would so something a little bigger than I have been so I wanted to decorate an entire tree. It took me most of the morning to make this yarnbomb so I hope it brings a smile to your face.


Yarnvent Day 23 – A Gift From Me To You

I finally got all my presents purchased, wrapped, and under the tree. Phew. I had this lovely little plushy present left over. So while I was out for dinner I left it for someone who might like it.


Yarnvent Day 22 – Have A Piece Of Candy

Who hasn’t had a piece of candy at Christmas? I mean honestly, it is everywhere. I love a good piece of hard candy, there is something so satisfying about it. I am also very satisfied with this piece of candy. You can enjoy it from your tree and not have to worry about anyone eating it.


Yarnvent Day 21 – Hang Your Stockings With Care

One of my favourite holiday traditions is hanging up stockings. I have always loved discovering what Santa left in my stocking the best on Christmas morning. It was full of fun little toys, good books, nice smelling bubble bath, etc. After stocking it was breakfast time then presents. Stockings have always been the best and I still think so. To honour that tradition I made this little stocking. It would be perfect to hold a gift card. Enjoy.